Year: 2017 | Month: June and December | Volume 3 | Issue 1and 2

Impact of Mass Media on Socio-Economic Conditions of Farmers in Kanpur District of U.P.

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Mass media, the fourth pillar of democracy, plays a pivotal role in up keeping the socio-political system of a country sound and healthy. Due to the advancement of information and communication technology (ICT), the role of mass media has been multiplied to a higher order. The study was conducted by selecting farmers of Panaupurva village of Kanpur, UP. The primary data was collected directly from the 100 farmers and peasants by using random sampling technique, while the secondary data was collected from published reports of various institutions, research articles in various national and international journals, periodicals, and reports from daily news papers and information from various websites. The results revealed that greater part of rural youth were aspired for higher education through various educational aspiration programmes. The occupational aspiration level of rural youth and farmers towards farming business was also increased through various programmes conducted with the help of these electronic media, and hence, the youths prefer most localized and independent job i.e. farming. Thus, the youth have being trained better on improved methods of farming by the efforts made by the planners to maximize the economic returns and incentives which moulds the rural youth aspirations towards other agro-based enterprises like dairy, poultry,bee keeping, and small scale industry, as these will provide additional income along with agriculture for stable financial status of the rural youth. And also efforts could be made by government agencies to provide rural youth good projects with various infrastructural facilities like knowledge, credit, marketing etc.

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