Year: 2020 | Month: June | Volume 6 | Issue 1

Artificial Intelligence & Cloud Computing in Environmental Systems—Towards Healthy & Sustainable Development



Environment is a big venture and aspects and also conveys as a field of study and practice such as Environment Science, Environment Studies, Environment Engineering, Environment Management, etc. Environmental Informatics is another important subject and emerging regarding the IT and Computing solutions in the environment. The merging of environmental areas and Informatics areas are commonly known as Environmental Informatics. Environmental Informatics is the best way for solving technology related issues with educated manpower and further, it uses various kinds of tools, techniques and sub-technologies of Computing and Information Technology in Environment, Ecology and Biological Sciences. The technologies such as Database Technology, Networking Technology, Multimedia Technology, Web Technology, Software Technology are most common and useful in Environment and Ecology related issues, activities and problem solving. In recent past other emerging technologies like Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Computational Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction, etc. are also being widely used. This paper is dedicated to basic review on Environmental Informatics including its nature, feature, and functions with special reference to the applications of Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing.

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