Year: 2020 | Month: December | Volume 6 | Issue 2

Constraints in Production and Marketing of Vegetables in Udhampur District of Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory



Demand for vegetables has increased many fold for the last few years as people are now health conscious and are consuming vegetables regularly for getting health benefits as well. These vegetables are grown on high scale in various belts of Udhampur district. The present study was conducted in Chenani block of Udhampur district as the selected area is hub of quality vegetable production. Four vegetable growing villages were selected randomly and from each village 20 farmers were selected randomly to constitute a sample of 80 farmers in all. The results of the study revealed that the most of the respondents were facing the problem of lack of irrigation facilities, high labour cost and non-availability of labour during peak
period. Low prices of agricultural goods, pest disease insect problem, drought and lack of credit facilities were other problems faced by the farmers. Few of the farmers were of the opinion that latest technical knowledge and availability of good quality seedlings in sufficient quantity is lacking in the area. High cost of pesticides was the other production problem. Farmers of Bashat area in particular were facing a specific problem that is road connectivity from their fields to roadside. The fields were not well connected to the road and the link was in dilapidated conditions which force them to transport the produce through human labour which in turn increases their marketing cost resulting in decline in their profit.

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