Year: 2020 | Month: December | Volume 6 | Issue 2

Whatsapp for Dairy Farmers as an Effective ICTs Tool : A Review



Farming is not considered as profitable occupation even though India has an Agrarian economy. An attempt has been made to explain the astounding difference in the productivity of the agriculture and livestock products depends not only on socio-economic profile characteristics but also major part of it depends on the awareness and recent information that the farmers collect from extension personnel,village level workers and from other farmers. Under Indian context due to less number of extension agents despite of consistent efforts has been made by the Government, in strengthening the extension set up but a gap still exists. Therefore, social media has emerged as an effective information delivery tool because of its high media richness, high penetration level which could surely boost the scope of traditional extension system. This article observes that it seems pertinent to rely on social media like Whatsapp as there is the dire need to decrease the knowledge gap amongst the marginal farmers by providing easy access to information and platform for discussion which can be done by involving social media in their farming practices for collecting a pool of knowledge easily at one place.

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