Year: 2020 | Month: December | Volume 6 | Issue 2

Development and Standardisation of Reaction Scale towards Blended Learning Approach



Blended learning is a pedagogical approach of incorporating the advantages of both online learning and face- to face learning. In the modern times, when technology is advancing with much greater pace, there is a need to make use of these online platform in the best possible way. But, the use of online mode alone will not serve the purpose of meaningful learning, especially when we look into the nature of different disciplines being very different. It is in this context, that we can make use of a combination of online
and face- to face learning in our teaching- learning process. With the invent of various online tools and software, there is a wide scope for incorporating online learning along with face- to face learning. The present paper is based on the development of a Reaction scale for pre- service teachers towards their usage of blended learning strategy in their internship programme (teaching practice). The paper presents an elaborate description on the steps followed for developing a Reaction scale towards blended learning along with the various dimensions taken for developing the Reaction scale and also the validity and reliability process followed for standardization of the scale.

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