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A Study on Feminine Consciousness in Toni Morrison Novel
A Study on Social Changes among Indigenous Peoples of Hill and Valley of Manipur
A Study of Economic Land Use Pattern Development with Special Context in Manipur More

About the Journal

The International Journal of Inclusive Development(IJID)  is a half-yearly publication of scholarly work on developmental issues, findings, research works, cases etc. done around the world by universities, research institutions, professors, research scholars, freelance writers, policymakers, governmental officials, administrators, politicians etc. The development issues include –
1) Development in Science & Technologies in agriculture, engineering and medical 
2) Social, political and economic development  
The International Journal of Inclusive Development(IJID) make it mandatory all the articles have undergone a rigorous peer review process after the initial screening by the editorial board. On the peer review process, the article is sent to two referees having research experience on the submitted article by authors. Authors have to make necessary modification as per reviewer comments. 
Open Access Policy:
The articles published in the International Journal of Inclusive Development(IJID)  are open access with the principle that knowledge must be share for holistic development.   
All the issues published in the International Journal of Inclusive Development are archived and the process is on way for getting DOI No. 
Important Notification
All the authors are requested to check the originality of their articles before submitting it to IJID. In case, any article is found to be Duplicate submission, fabricated data, cut and paste (Plagiarised), at ANY STAGE of processing of your article, the following actions will be taken:
Rejection of the article
If the conduct is found to be grossly unacceptable i.e. submission of duplicate articles, the author will be blacklisted in International Journal of Inclusive Development (IJID)


Aim and Scope

The aim of the journal is to abreast the scientific community on the latest development issues on Science & Technologies, Social, Political and Economic. 
The journal publishes scholarly work on developmental issues from the subject areas of agriculture, engineering, medical sciences, social science etc. The journal welcome full-length research papers, reviews, short communication, and popular articles. The objective of this journal is to encourage an interdisciplinary/ multidisciplinary research team to contribute to inclusive developmental issues around the world.

Why Publish In IJID

Features of Manuscript Management System

* Online Access Journal * Peer-Review Process * Wider Visibility through Open Access * Higher Impact * Indexed in Major Bibliographic Databases

Author Benefits

* Easy Online Manuscript submission System * Free Online Only Supplementary Data * Usage Statistics * Easy to Reach Online * Active Social Media Relations * Visibility and Abstracting /Indexing

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